33 films you need to know about in 2023 (2023)

33 films you need to know about in 2023 (1)

Strap in for ‘Dune: Part Two’, ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning’ and the return of Indiana Jones

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Phil de Semlyen
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Matthew Singer


If 2022 was the year of the Tom Cruise, thanks to the box-office smash that was Top Gun: Maverick, 2023 is shaping up to be the year of… well, Tom Cruise again. The arrival of part one of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning should have cinema tills ringing again. There’s a second instalment to get excited about too, in Denis Villeneuve’s climactic return to Arrakis with Dune: Part Two. And if we’re going through the numbers, Ant-Man and those loveable Guardians of the Galaxy are both getting a third go-round as phase four of the MCU goes multiversal.

At the smaller, art-housier end of things, there’s plenty to get excited about too. Sundance and Cannes will shepherd hitherto unheralded or unknown treats onto our must-see lists. And before then there’s new films from Sarah Polley (Women Talking), Hirokazu Koreeda (Broker) and Cristian Mungiu (R.M.N.) hitting the big screen. Oh, and the small and deranged-looking matter of whatever the heck Elizabeth Banks’sCocaine Bearwill involve. One thing is certain: 2023 is going to be a ride.

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The top upcoming movies in 2023

Photograph: Universal Pictures
  • Film
  • Drama

A film that promises to burn with a righteous rage, Clemency director Chinonye Chukwu’s real-life drama tells the story of Emmett Till, a 14-year-old who was abducted, lynched and murdered in Mississippi in 1955. The Harder They Fall’s Danielle Deadwyler is already drawing awards buzz for her performance as Till’s grieving, impassioned and campaigning mother Mamie.

In UK cinemas Jan 13. Read our review here.

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33 films you need to know about in 2023 (6)

Enys Men

If you caught Mark Jenkin’s seaside gentrification drama Baitin 2019, made with an antique camera in 16mm black and white, you’ll know what to expect from his follow-up: artisanal filmmaking tools and a filmmaking ethos steeped in the best British folk horror traditions. Mark your diary for Enys Men (pronounced ‘enys main’), a darkly metaphysical yarn set on a Cornish island.

In UK cinemas Jan 13


33 films you need to know about in 2023 (7)


This Hollywood epic is a magnificently OTT snapshot of 1930s Tinseltown in all its drunken, drug-bingeing, elephant-wrangling glory. Debauched parties will be thrown, underground crime syndicates stumbled upon and occasionally movies will be made, as Brad Pitt’s high-flying silent film director, Margot Robbie’s wannabe movie star and Mexican newcomer Diego Calva as the on-set gopher play film studio snakes and ladders.

In UK cinemas Jan 20

33 films you need to know about in 2023 (8)

The Fabelmans

Films don’t come much more personal than Steven Spielberg’s partly fictionalised self-biopic. Technically, it’s about a family called the Fabelmans who travel from coast to coast as dad (Paul Dano) makes a name for himself as a scientist and struggling mum (Michelle Williams) follows in his slipstream. But it’s the director’s life we’ll be seeing as Spielberg’s on-screen surrogate, Sammy, gets bitten by the moviemaking bug and feels the anguish of a painful home life.

In UK cinemas Jan 27


33 films you need to know about in 2023 (9)

Magic Mike’s Last Dance

We’re not saying that anticipation for this last strip-athon is already at fever pitch, but British tabloids recently reported that on-set security had to be ramped up when ‘horny fans’ attempted to get in for a closer look at Channing Tatum’s abs. This time Tatum’s Mike is down on his luck and heading for London to try to pull off a final hit show. Salma Hayek, who replaced Thandiwe Newton on the movie, is his expectant backer.

Out worldwide Feb 10

33 films you need to know about in 2023 (10)

(Video) 33 Most Anticipated Netflix KDramas + Films Airing in 2023

Women Talking

An actress and filmmaker with few peers, Sarah Polley is back with her first film since 2012’s gripping, original bio-doc Stories We Tell. It’s an adaptation of Miriam Toews’ novel about a group of women at a remote Mennonite community who have been drugged and sexually assaulted over a period of years. A powerful feminist drama, it boasts a superlative cast with Frances McDormand, Rooney Mara, Claire Foy and Jessie Buckley as the traumatised, furious women.

In UK cinemas Feb 10


33 films you need to know about in 2023 (11)

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Whisper it quietly but all is not quite as peachy as normal in the Marvelverse. There have been murmurings about a need to focus on ‘quality not quantity’, while the MCU flattered to deceive on the big-screen in 2022. But a new universe-wide superbad is along to tie it all together again in Jonathan Major’s Kang the Conqueror who makes his proper bow in Ant-Man 3. Scott Lang is gonna need back-up…

Out worldwide Feb 17

33 films you need to know about in 2023 (12)

An unconnected follow-up to 2018’s ace wifi-enabled potboiler Searching, this equally high-concept thriller sees an LA-bound Storm Reid using the internet to track down her mum (Friday’s Nia Long) when she goes missing only holiday in Colombia. All, of course, is not remotely what it seems. Is mum secretly knee-deep in cartel business? Google Earth, your time has come.

In US theaters Jan 20 and UK cinemas Feb 24


  • Film

The latest from that Japanese master of humanism, Hirokazu Koreeda, takes him overseas to Busan in Korea for a touching, wryly funny tale of surrogate families. Parasite’s Song Kang-ho plays an adoption broker who steals a baby and begin touting the little’un around a network of wealthy wannabe parents, only to slowly fall under its spell. It might sound corny, but Koreeda’s warmth, humour and some spot-on casting elevates it into something special.

In UK cinemas Feb 24.Read our review here.

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33 films you need to know about in 2023 (14)


Pakistan’s Oscar submission has already caused a stir, both for what occurs in the film itself and the harsh response from the authorities in director Saim Sadiq’s home country. The queer-themed drama, about a middle class man who falls in love with a transgender woman, was banned in parts of Pakistan, sparking a social media campaign calling for its release. (It remains banned in the Punjab province.) Beyond the controversy, Joyland is being hailed as a poignant and crucial film, exploring gender roles, sexuality and familial bonds with deep sensitivity.

Out in the UK Feb. 24.


33 films you need to know about in 2023 (15)

Rye Lane

Two twentysomething Londoners fresh from break-ups (Industry’s David Jonsson and newcomer Vivian Oparah) meet cute over a day in the south of the city in this Sundance-bound romcom. Locals will tell you that Peckham is London’s vibiest, coolest spot – is it about to get its own answer to Love & Basketball or When Harry Met Sally? Debut director Raine Allen Miller is behind the camera. In UK cinemas Mar 17.

33 films you need to know about in 2023 (16)


After a British archaeologist steals an ancient ring, a family of long-dead Egyptians must travel across dimensions to present-day London to get it back in this animated Warner Bros. adventure. It would appear to fall on the cheesier end of the cartoon spectrum – take a wild guess at the song that plays over the trailer – but at least it appears to be educating kids on just how all those ancient artefacts ended up in European museums.

In US theaters Feb 24 and UK cinemas Mar 31


33 films you need to know about in 2023 (17)

Cocaine Bear

Improbably true stories make the best kind of thrillers, as movies from All the President’s Men to American Made have amply proved. Even more far-fetched than either is Cocaine Bear, Elizabeth Banks’s dramatisation of what happened when a brown bear snouted a kilo or two of narcotics when it was jettisoned into the wilderness by drug runners. Chaos is sure to ensue in a movie that also serves as a send-off to the late, great Ray Liotta.

Out worldwide Feb 24

33 films you need to know about in 2023 (18)

(Video) 33 Stylish Movies You Need To Watch

Luther: The Fallen Sun

This big-screen breakout for Idris Elba’s London copper is taking John Luther to more distant terrain in his relentless pursuit of justice. This time out he’s joined by Widows’ Cynthia Erivo, as a rival law enforcer, and Andy Serkis as ‘the story’s criminal villain’. The movie is being released by Netflix in March, although it remains to be seen whether it’ll go straight to streaming or we’ll hear our local cinemas ring out with those trademark bellows of ‘Loooootherrr!’.On Netflix in March


33 films you need to know about in 2023 (19)


What happened to the Friedmans after Capturing the Friedmans or to Arthur Agee and William Gates (pictured) when they stopped rolling on Hoop Dreams? And what was the fallout for the real-life dissidents in 2013’s The Square? Here to answer all those questions is this fascinating documentary, which will pick up where other docs left off and ask what it’s really like to be the subject of an award-winning, widely watched film.

In UK cinemas Mar 3

33 films you need to know about in 2023 (20)

Creed III

Michael B Jordan straps his hands again for the third instalment of the Rocky spinoff franchise – and also slips into the director’s chair for the first time ever. Five years after vanquishing the son of Ivan Drago, Donnie Creed finds himself on a collision course with childhood friend Dame Anderson (Jonathan Majors), a former boxing prodigy looking to re-establish himself after a long prison sentence. Is this the one where Creed gets his own robot butler? Fingers crossed.

Out worldwide Mar 3


33 films you need to know about in 2023 (21)

Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Coming out around the same time as Avengers: Endgame, the original Shazam! was overshadowed – at least in terms of big-budget comic book movies – but still successful enough to warrant a reprise. Expect the same mix of heart, humour and dark shadings as Zachary Levi’s titular hero takes on the evil daughters of the Greek god Atlas, portrayed by Rachel Zegler, Lucy Liu and Helen Mirren. Honestly, our money’s on Dame Helen.

Out worldwide Mar 17

33 films you need to know about in 2023 (22)


‘Allelujah’ is right, because a film version of an Alan Bennett play (this time adapted by fellow playwright Heidi Thomas) is always worthy of rejoicing. Delivering the great dramatist’s tart words on screen is a cast of beloved British thesps – Judi Dench, Jennifer Saunders, Russell Tovey and Derek Jacobi – in a setting that feels wildly current: a struggling NHS hospital. Expect a barbed microcosm of a country with a compassion problem.

In UK cinemas Mar 17


33 films you need to know about in 2023 (23)

John Wick: Chapter 4

Yeah, we’re thinking he’s back. While the first John Wick was a straightforward, if awesomely stylised revenge flick, over the course of four movies and a pair of anticipated spinoffs, the franchise has grown bigger, broader and more mythic in scope. At its core, though, all you really need is Keanu Reeves’ stoic, besuited hitman punching, kicking, shooting, stabbing and occasionally nunchucking his adversaries in increasingly wild situations and ever-expanding international locales. Expect no different here.

Out worldwide Mar 24

33 films you need to know about in 2023 (24)

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Um, excuse us? The Super Mario Bros. Movie? Are we to pretend that the live-action version from 1993 just didn’t happen? On second thought, yes...probably for the best. This long-awaited animationlooks to right the wrongs of 30 years prior, although it’s already being met with scepticism due to the curious casting of Chris Pratt to voice the famous paisano plumber. (In his defence, who were they gonna cast for authenticity? Roberto Benigni?) Based on the trailer, at least it looks just like the video games, which isapparently what fans want.

InUKcinemas Mar 31 and US theaters Apr 7


33 films you need to know about in 2023 (25)

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

No longer just the geeky domain of your fiend-fancying mate Steve, D&D is now a fully-fledged movie franchise with special effects and film stars and everything. Whether it’s a hit or gets a sword in its back from moviegoers will rest heavily on the shoulders of charismatic stars Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Hugh Grant (yes) and Bridgerton’s Regé-Jean Page as adventurers hunting a lost relic. One thing is certain: Steve will not be watching it.

Out worldwide Mar 31

Killers of the Flower Moon

After years of pandemic-related delays, audiences are finally getting a look at Martin Scorsese’s latest crime drama, an account of the unsolved ‘Osage Indian murders’ that occurred over 20 years in early 20th century Oklahoma. It looks to be the closest thing to a traditional Western the director has yet attempted, but it features many familiar Scorsese actors, including Robert de Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio and his new fave, Jesse Plemons.

Out in May on Apple TV+

(Video) 33 Hidden Details in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse You Missed!


33 films you need to know about in 2023 (26)

The Little Mermaid

Once again, those woke moralists atDisney are rewriting history, insisting that a beautiful fish-person who lives underwater singing calypso tunes with her Jamaican lobster friend could possibly be Black. Whatever happened to realism? Controversy aside, with rising star Halle Bailey in the lead role, Melissa McCarthy as Ursula and new songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda, this live action remake of Disney animated classic should still hit big even without the support of pasty 4chan trolls.

Out worldwide May 26

33 films you need to know about in 2023 (27)


Pixar already gave us a movie about anthropomorphised emotions. Now, brace yourself for anthropomorphised elements! Wade Ripple is a walking drop of water with the hots (get it?!) for Ember, a flame with legs. Obviously, they’re a dangerously mismatched couple, but this being Pixar, we’re going to guess they’ll find out they have more in common than it appears.

Out worldwide June 16


33 films you need to know about in 2023 (28)

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

He’s back! The archeology professor with the bullwhip and the pathological fear of snakes is on another adventure, this time with Logan’s James Mangold, rather than Steven Spielberg, behind the camera, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge along for the ride as his sidekick. Raiders purists will be reassured by the presence of Indy’s old foes, the Nazis – Mads Mikkelsen may be channelling serious Toht vibes here – in a Cold War setting. Fingers crossed this reboot doesn’t nuke the fridge again.

Out worldwide Jun 30

33 films you need to know about in 2023 (29)

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

The first Spider-Verse is one of the few comic book movies even people exhausted by comic book movies could appreciate. There’s been two whole multiverse-cracking Spider-flicks since then, but the computer-animated branch of the franchise remains a singular pleasure. In the second instalment, Miles Morales – the teenage heir to Peter Parker’s arachnid powers – and Gwen Stacy, aka Spider-Woman, travels across the Spider-Verse (cue Leonardo DiCaprio pointing meme) for assistance in dealing with a new threat called the Spot. Maybe some OxiClean would help?

Out worldwide Jun 2


33 films you need to know about in 2023 (30)

How Do You Live?

Anticipation is already sky highfor this Studio Ghibli anime, with the legendary Miyazaki Hayao back after a long hiatus (or short retirement) to direct an adaptation of Genzaburo Yoshino’s 1937 coming-of-age novel. It’s about a teenage boy struggling with the loss of his dad and the mysteries of lifeand a wise uncle who provides guidance through the pages of a journal.

Out in Japan Jul 14

33 films you need to know about in 2023 (31)

Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One

Tom Cruise’s deathwish continues as Ethan Hunt, the skyscraper-scaling, aeroplane-clinging, helicopter-chasing international man of mystery. Series veteran Christopher McQuarrie returns to the director’s chair for this two-part instalment, the second of which arrives in 2024. Plot details are murky, but Cruise did recently share a promo video while skydiving over South Africa, so just imagine what crazy crap he’ll be doing in the movie itself.

Out worldwide July 14.


33 films you need to know about in 2023 (32)


There aren’t too many filmmakers who could have audiences flocking to watch a black-and-white drama about a 1940s physicist, but Christopher Nolan is one of them. His cast includes long-time collaborator Cillian Murphy as Robert Oppenheimer, the man behind America’s A-bomb project, alongside Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr, Matt Damon, Rami Malek and Florence Pugh. In true Nolan style, he’s shooting in IMAX and somehow recreating the A-bomb tests via practical effects. Er, take cover?

Out worldwide Jul 21

33 films you need to know about in 2023 (33)


It’s the movie that launched a thousand memes, many involving Ryan Gosling in that denim jacket, but what exactly is Greta Gerwig’s internet-winning movie? Early word is that the pair have cooked up a satirical feminist take on the cult of the iconic doll. Co-written with her own real-life Ken, Noah Baumbach, it’s highly unlikely to be one for the kids. Margot Robbie is playing Barbie, Gosling is Ken and Will Ferrell is the CEO of Mattel. The trailer launch could be the most anticipated in movie history.

Out worldwide Jul 21

(Video) Best Movies to learn about Money and finance || making shorts 33 of 100 #shorts


33 films you need to know about in 2023 (34)

Dune: Part 2

The second instalment of Denis Villeneuve’s breathtakingly vast adaptation of Frank Herbert’s pre-Star Wars tomes will bring big battles, giant sandworms and more murky jostling for power across the galaxy – and, this time, a proper denouement. Not that the first part’s abrupt ending was a problem, more that we can’t wait to ride shotgun again with Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) and Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) as they learn the ways of Chani (Zendaya) and the Fremen and strike back at the evil Harkonnen.

Out worldwide Nov 3

33 films you need to know about in 2023 (35)

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

It’s been eight years since the last Hunger Games movie, which is an eternity by modern franchise standards, so even casual fans should be eager to jump back into the teenage wasteland of author Suzanne Collins’s dystopian young adult book series. Be warned, though: as a prequel to theoriginal film, this one features no Katniss Everdeen, and instead stars a whole new cast – including Jason Schwartzman, Viola Davis, Tom Blyth and Rachel Zegler – playing both younger versions of established characters and early participants in the titular human sport-hunting ritual.

Out worldwide Nov 17


33 films you need to know about in 2023 (36)


For decades, Disney has pushed the idea of wishing upon a star, and generations have asked: ‘Why, though?’ In what looks like something of a throwback to the House of Mouse’s classic animated musicals of yore, the company delivers an origin story for one of its central maxims, with Oscar-winner Ariana DeBose voicing a 17-year-old named Asha on a celestial mission to save her imperilled village.

Out in the US Nov 22 and the UK Nov 24

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The killer moviemakers you need to know about

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    What will be the biggest film of 2023? ›

    The Super Mario Bros. Movie

    Is 2023 a good year for movies? ›

    The year 2023 is shaping up to be a good one for movie fans. After pandemic shutdowns and delays, movie studios are firing on all cylinders again, which means a packed schedule of new releases are on the horizon.

    What movies are being remade in 2023? ›

    Remake Movies Released and Planned for Release in 2023
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    December 20The Color PurpleMusical
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    What is the longest movie ever? ›

    1. Background Information: Introducing "Logistics" The longest movie ever made is titled "Logistics" and was first released in 2012. This experimental film was conceived and directed by two Swedish artists, Erika Magnusson, and Daniel Andersson.

    What is the No 1 movie in the world? ›

    All Time Worldwide Box Office
    22019Avengers: Endgame
    32022Avatar: The Way of Water
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    What is the #1 movie in the world in 2023? ›

    Top Grossing Movies of 2023
    RankMovieRelease Date
    1The Super Mario Bros. MovieApr 5, 2023
    2Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3May 5, 2023
    3Spider-Man: Across the Spid…Jun 2, 2023
    4Avatar: The Way of WaterDec 16, 2022
    56 more rows

    What movies are coming out 2023 and 2024? ›

    Upcoming Films
    • 2023 Movies. The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Watch at Home. Renfield. Watch at Home. ...
    • 2024 Movies. Night Swim. In Theaters January 5, 2024. The Fall Guy. In Theaters March 1, 2024. Kung Fu Panda 4. ...
    • 2025 Movies. M3GAN 2.0. In Theaters January 17, 2025. Untitled How to Train Your Dragon Film. In Theaters March 14, 2025.

    What Pixar movies are coming in 2023? ›

    The full official trailer for Elemental was released online by Pixar on March 28, 2023. The trailer reveals much more of what to expect from the plot of the film as we see both Ember and Wade's relationships with their respective parents as well as introducing each other to their families.

    What is the shortest movie in history? ›

    Fresh Guacamole
    Directed byPES
    Written byPES
    Produced byPES
    Distributed byShowtime ShortsHD
    4 more rows

    What's the longest American movie? ›

    1. Gods and Generals (2003) – 4hours, 40 minutes.

    What is the longest Disney movie? ›

    Coming in at 126 minutes, Fantasia is by far the longest Disney movie. This feat is all the more stunning in light of the fact that there have been nearly 60 films since then.

    What movie is about the year 2032? ›

    In 2032, two environmental refugees discover friendship in a world devastated by climate change.

    What is the movie 2025 about? ›

    What old movies are coming back to theaters 2023? ›

    Fathom's Big Screen Classics 2023 Lineup
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    • Grease (1978)
    • Hairspray (1988)
    • National Lampoon's Vacation (1983)
    • Rain Man (1988)
    • The Birds (1963)
    • Scarface (1983)
    Jan 17, 2023

    What movie lost the most money? ›

    Biggest box-office bombs
    TitleYearEstimated loss (millions)
    Adjusted for inflation
    Doctor Dolittle1967$95
    71 more rows

    What is the most paid movie? ›

    Top Lifetime Grosses
    RankTitleLifetime Gross
    2Avengers: Endgame$2,799,439,100
    3Avatar: The Way of Water$2,320,250,281
    117 more rows

    What is the most played movie? ›

    Millions of movies can proudly dominate the industry as of now. Among them, the most-watched movie of all time has to be Titanic which needs no introduction. It is a historical film that is based on a real-life incident signifying the sinking of a big-sized ship.

    What is movies of 2028? ›

    Most Anticipated Movies
    • Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken.
    • Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.
    • Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse.
    • The Blackening.
    • Barbie.
    • Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One.
    • God is a Bullet.
    • No Hard Feelings.

    What movie will come out in 2025? ›

    These official upcoming 2025 movie release dates are subject to change.
    1.Kraven the Hunter
    4.NEWForce of Nature: The Dry 2
    2 more rows

    What is the movie title 2025? ›

    We are in 2025: since the appearance of covid-19 in 2020, the world is no longer the same: a new system with a single world government has been put in place.

    What movies are coming in 2029? ›

    Feature Film, Released between 2020-01-01 and 2029-12-31 (Sorted by Release Date Descending)
    • Avatar 4 (2029) Action, Adventure, Fantasy | Filming. ...
    • Rajju (2029) ...
    • The Vampire Bites the Stake (2029) ...
    • Aevum (2029) ...
    • Forest Witch (2028) ...
    • Agent Owen (2028) ...
    • Brahmastra 3 (2027) ...
    • The Time Machine (2027)

    Are they making a frozen 3? ›

    Who Is Making Frozen III? When it comes to the minds behind Frozen III, we don't know just yet who will be helming the film. However, we know that co-directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck will not return for the third installment. Rest assured, Lee confirmed that Ana and Elsa are in good hands.

    What movie will be released in 2024? ›

    Feature Film, Released between 2024-01-01 and 2024-12-31 (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)
    • Beetlejuice 2 (2024) Comedy, Fantasy, Horror | Filming. ...
    • Captain America: New World Order (2024) ...
    • Joker: Folie à Deux (2024) ...
    • Gladiator 2 (2024) ...
    • Deadpool 3 (2024) ...
    • Wicked (2024) ...
    • Twisters (2024) ...
    • Snow White (2024)

    What movies come out next summer 2023? ›

    The 30 Most Anticipated Movies of Summer 2023
    • Fast X (May 15)
    • The Little Mermaid (May 26)
    • You Hurt My Feelings (May 26)
    • Past Lives (June 2)
    • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (June 2)
    • Flamin' Hot (June 9)
    • The Blackening (June 16)
    • Elemental (June 16)
    May 26, 2023

    What are the hallmark mystery movies for 2023? ›

    TV Movie Vaults
    • Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel has a whole new lineup of original movies and shows for the 2023 season. ...
    • Family History Mysteries Buried Past.
    • Curious Caterer: Grilling Season.
    • The Cases of Mystery Lane.
    • The Blessing Bracelet.
    • Spring Breakthrough.
    • The Jane Mysteries Inheritance Lost.

    What Hallmark movie is on New Year's Day 2023? ›

    Hallmark Channel is wasting no time in the new year, kicking off 2023 with a brand-new film on January 1. The Dog Lover's Guide to Dating will star rom-com favorites Rebecca Dalton, Corey Sevier, and a bunch of lovable pups.

    What Disney movies are coming out in 2025? ›

    Among the highlights of the overhaul: A live-action “Moana” will be released on June 27, 2025; “Deadpool 3” moved up from Nov. 8, 2024, to May 3, 2024; an untitled “Star Wars” movie is debuting on Dec. 18, 2026; “Avatar 3” has shifted to Dec. 19, 2025; “Avatar 4” to Dec. 21, 2029, and “Avatar 5” to Dec. 19, 2031.

    What is Pixar upcoming 2025? ›

    Bens (2025 Pixar film)

    Has there ever been a 5 hour movie? ›

    3 Fanny and Alexander

    Originally planned to be a TV show, Fanny and Alexander ended up being a full, five-hour and 12-minute movie instead (though has aired in three parts on television before). The main titular characters are two children who live with a happy family until their father dies of a stroke.

    What movie is age every 30 minutes? ›

    After the children rapidly turn into teenagers and Agnes suddenly dies, the families conclude that the beach is aging them, with the occupants undergoing the equivalent of one year of aging every 30 minutes. At least one member of each family has an underlying medical condition.

    What is the longest set of movies? ›

    The Wong Fei-hung series is likely the longest movie franchise of all time, with a staggering 123 films belonging to a series that's been running for seven decades now.

    What is the 2nd longest movie ever made? ›

    Cleopatra remains the longest Hollywood movie ever made, with a runtime of four hours and eight minutes (248 minutes). This is closely followed by Gone with the Wind, which comes in just 10 minutes behind.

    What American movie has the most sequels? ›

    Which Movie Franchises Have the Most Sequels? You Might Be Surprised
    • Viewing This Surprising Roster. ...
    • Friday the 13th: 12+ Movies 1980 - ...
    • Star Trek: 12+ Movies 1979 - ...
    • James Bond: 23+ Movies 1962 - ...
    • Godzilla: 28+ Movies 1954 - ...
    • Carry On: 31 Films from 1958 - 1992. ...
    • The Marvel Cinematic Universe: 31+ Movies 2008 -
    Aug 3, 2022

    What is the longest animated movie? ›

    Individual films
    TitleRunning timeYear released
    Suzume122 min (2 hr, 2 min)2022
    Phoenix 2772121 min (2 hr, 1 min)1980
    Queen Millennia1982
    Heart String Marionette2012
    78 more rows

    What was the 100th Disney movie? ›

    To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Disney is releasing an animated movie titled "Wish." Here's why you should be excited for the upcoming film. Every year, Disney, the world's leading animation studio, releases several entertaining films with enchanting animation and relatively intriguing concepts.

    What is the oldest Disney princess? ›

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs came out in 1937, debuting the very first Disney princess with Snow White herself.

    What is Pixar's longest movie? ›

    Cars is the longest Pixar movie.

    Which movie is highest IMDB rating in 2023? ›

    1. The Flash (2023) Barry Allen uses his super speed to change the past, but his attempt to save his family creates a world without super heroes, forcing him to race for his life in order to save the future.

    What blockbusters are in summer 2023? ›

    The 30 Most Anticipated Movies of Summer 2023
    • Fast X (May 15)
    • The Little Mermaid (May 26)
    • You Hurt My Feelings (May 26)
    • Past Lives (June 2)
    • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (June 2)
    • Flamin' Hot (June 9)
    • The Blackening (June 16)
    • Elemental (June 16)
    May 26, 2023

    What is 2030 movie about? ›

    What movie is coming in 2029? ›

    Feature Film, Released between 2020-01-01 and 2029-12-31 (Sorted by Release Date Descending)
    • Avatar 4 (2029) Action, Adventure, Fantasy | Filming. ...
    • Rajju (2029) ...
    • The Vampire Bites the Stake (2029) ...
    • Aevum (2029) ...
    • Forest Witch (2028) ...
    • Agent Owen (2028) ...
    • Brahmastra 3 (2027) ...
    • The Time Machine (2027)

    What movies are coming in 2030? ›

    These official upcoming 2030 movie release dates are subject to change.
    2.NEWAfter Everything
    3.Heart of Stone
    5.NEWThe Eight Mountains
    2 more rows

    Which is the No 1 movie in the world by IMDb? ›

    1. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

    What is the oldest movie listed on IMDb? ›

    This is the only 3-seconds of film that survives today.

    What movie has a 9.4 IMDb rating? ›

    1. The Line (2023)

    What is coming out summer 2023? ›

    Summer movies in 2023 are bringing the hottest hyphenated titles — from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse to Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One — to the big screen over the next couple months, alongside the latest from Christopher Nolan, Pixar, and DC.


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