DC: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Blackfire (2023)

Far too often in comic books, siblings are often pitted against one another by fate or circumstances that transform one into a hero and the other into a villain. Whether its jealousy, some supernatural or scientific event, or even love, the siblings are often torn apart and forced to battle one another.

A prime example of this happens to be Blackfire, the villainess and sister of Teen Titans hero Starfire. A member of the royal family of Starfire’s homeworld of Tamaran, Blackfire has had a deep seated hatred and jealousy for her sister. Premiering on DC Universe’s Titans, here are ten things to know about Blackfire.


10 She Was Blamed For The Citadel Empire's Attack

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Blackfire, otherwise known as Komand’r, was the eldest and firstborn princess into the royal family of Tamaran. Ruling the planet and all its citizens was her birthright, but it all came crashing down after one fateful day. On the day of her birth, the Citadel Empire attacked the Tamaranean city of Kyssar and took the lives of over 3,000 citizens.

Although just born, she was blamed for the attack as the Citadel Empire attacked in her name. She also was afflicted with a childhood illness that made her unable to absorb ultraviolet light, allowing the other royal family members to fly.

9 She Was Stripped Of Her Birthright

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After spending years being blamed for the attack on Kyssar, having a generally unpleasant outlook on life, and despite the rest of Tamaran having a usually sunny and bright disposition, many of the citizens had a hatred for Komand’r. With all of these events set against her, Komand’r was sadly stripped of her birthright to become the next ruler of Tamaran.

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Instead the honor fell to her younger sister, Koriand’r, otherwise known as Starfire. All the years of hatred and rage that built inside of Komand’r turned into a hatred for her family, her planet and her sister, who she blamed for being born at all.

8 She Joined The Citadel Empire

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After being sent as per custom by her people along with Starfire to be trained as warriors by the Warlords of Okarra, Komand’r made the mistake of showing her hatred towards her sister during training, when during a sparring session Komand’r attempted to take Koriand’r’s life.

The act forced the Warlords to kick Komand’r out of the program, bringing dishonor to her name. Furious and blaming Starfire and Tamaran, Komand’r had enough and joined her people’s enemy, the Citadel Empire. Rising through the ranks of the Citadel’s army, she swore vengeance and led attacks against her homeworld and her own family.

7 She Captured Starfire

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After betraying her family and Tamaran to the Citadel Empire by giving the Citadel information on Tamaran’s planetary defense system, the conditions of the surrender of Tamaran included Komand’r being allowed to enslave her sister Koriand’r. The terms were agreed to, and Starfire began years of enslavement and torture at the hands of her sister.

Starfire was set to be executed after attacking one of her captors, but she and Komand’r were attacked and captured by the Psions; evil alien scientists who experimented on the sisters. Both sisters gained powers and then rescued by Komand’r’s people before Koriand’r escaped her sister and fled to Earth.

6 She Battled Hawkman And Hawkgirl

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Years later during the Rann-Thanagar War and Infinite Crisis, Komand’r took on two more adversaries and heroes of Earth. Those heroes were Hawkman and Hawkgirl, two heroes with a connection to their homeworld of Thanagar and major players in the heroics of Earth. During the war, Komand’r took Hawkwoman’s life when the hero attempted to find New Tamaran.


During Infinite Crisis, she once again battled Hawkman and Hawkgirl, attempting to end their lives as well in order to further her own plans during and after the event. She was defeated, and Hawkman stripped her of her power using Psion technology.

5 She Tried Taking Control Of Rann

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Later on Blackfire reappeared in the pages of The Outsiders, having regained her abilities from the Psions and even enhancing them, giving her the ability to fly, something that had been denied her since childhood. Soon she discovered that the being known as Vril Dox, aka Brainiac 2, had moved the planet Rann to the location where Tamaran once stood in the Vega system.

Determined to claim it as her own, she led an attack on the planet to take what she believed to be rightfully hers. However Vril Dox found a way to cease the fighting, giving Blackfire and her people control of the southern continent of the planet.

4 She Dated Vril Dox

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After securing the alliance with Vril Dox and claiming the southern continent of Rann as her own, Blackfire began to be attracted to Vril. Seeing that he had an egocentric personality much like her own, she saw him as an equal and decided to pursue things with him.

Going on an unofficial date, disguising the occasion as a diplomatic dinner between the two leaders. However when Starro the Conqueror captured Vril Dox, she joined Adam Strange and the L.E.G.I.O.N. in an attack to rescue him. After saving him from the alien invader, she decided to claim Vril Dox as her very own king consort.

3 She Was Retconned In New 52

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The relationship and nature of Blackfire changed greatly when the New 52 era of DC Comics began. Unlike in previous iterations where Blackfire was a true villain, her nature was more mysterious this time around. Appearing to want to save her sister, Komand’r sold her sister Koriand’r in order to save her life.

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It is revealed that an alien enemy known as The Blight had taken control of Tamaran, and she had wanted to save her sister from the attack. However, Kori still feels betrayed, and the relationship between the two sisters is frayed for quite a time as a result.

2 She Was Rescued By Roy Harper

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After Kori rescued herself and was given a ship by Komand’r as a reward, the two still found themselves in a strained relationship. Soon, Roy Harper found himself in the middle as he was captured and Komand’r appeared to him, appearing to be under the control of The Blight.

However, it is later discovered that Roy’s capture was a ruse, meant to be a rescue mission to save Komand’r from The Blight. He manages to teleport her onto Starfire’s ship, and soon the sisters are reunited. After an emotional discussion, Kori finally forgives Komand’r, healing their relationship and beginning to rebellion to retake Tamaran.

1 She Nearly Lost Her Life To The Blight

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Komand’r’s last known appearance came in the pages of the New 52, when she and Kori led Jason Todd, Roy Harper and other members of Kori’s ship into battle against the enemies who had taken their homeworld of Tamaran from them, the Blight.

In the midst of battle, Komand’r suffered a grave injury, having a spear thrown into her back by none other than the Blight leader. This attack led to the hero’s victory, as Kori’s anger unleashed a powerful energy blast that destroyed everything around her, ending the fighting and ending the Blight leader for good. Komand’r survived, and allowed Kori to return to Earth.

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