Pennywise: 20 Secrets About The Clown’s Anatomy (2023)

It strikes fear in the hearts of its victims. It is a nightmare that never ends and dwells in fear. It takes many forms but often appears as the horrifying Pennywise The Dancing Clown. Indeed, Pennywise is one of the scariest horror villains in history. The classic Stephen King novel It still keeps readers awake at night. The book was first turned into a mini-series and scared an entire generation of kids. Recently, It hit the big screen and returns with an equally scary sequel. The film is about the kids and later adults that stand up to Pennywise.

Pennywise is more than just a scary clown. Indeed, there's a lot of information fans might not know. Pennywise has a complicated backstory that some fans are not aware of. Some facts makeIt even more frightening. On the other hand, some facts prove Pennywise isn't that scary. Pennywise is weak and can be defeated. Just do it before It eats you. It's time to take a closer look at the evil clown from the dark side. Here's Pennywise: 20 Secrets About The Clown's Anatomy.


20 It Has Many Names But Pennywise Is Its Favorite Form

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The creature It is horrifying and causes nightmares for days. Indeed, It is a shapeshifter and can take many forms, but it has a favorite one. Often, it takes the form of a person's fear or even classic horror creatures. Of course, its ideal form is as Pennywise The Dancing Clown. Pennywise has helped intensify the famous clown phobia, and for a good reason.

19 It Hibernates Like An Animal

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Pennywise can strike at any time during the day and night. You can run, and you can hide, but you can never escape Pennywise. The creature is like any animal. It hibernates and regains strength before attacking its prey. Indeed, Pennywise sleeps for 25 to 30 years to regain strength. It comes back scarier and stronger each time.

18 Its Gender Is Unknown

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As noted, the creature takes many forms but enjoys Pennywise the most. Pennywise appears to be a male clown, but its gender is a mystery. Indeed, It might be a female or male. At one point in the book, the creature turns into a pregnant female spider. The Losers Club then assume they're battling a female. Of course, it doesn't matter if it's male or female. It scares the bejesus out of you either way.

17 It Chooses Who Can See It

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Pennywise often targets kids and stays away from the adults for the most part. When terrorizing the town of Derry, It focuses on the kids. Of course, Pennywise targets kids for a reason. Indeed, Pennywise chooses who can see it. Therefore, It only appears to kids. The reasons being that with help from adults, It could be defeated easier. Instead, the adults don't believe the kids of It's existence.

16 It Can Be Hurt

Pennywise is a powerful and terrifying monster. It haunts the Losers Club and makes their life a waking nightmare. However, Pennywise might not be as powerful as most assume. Indeed, It has a very low tolerance for pain. When injured, It doesn't pursue the kids and lets them go. Later, the kids cause so much damage that Pennywise backs off and hibernates to recoup.

15 It hasSuper Powers

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It has many powers that it can use to manipulate a situation. As noted, It is a shapeshifter that can take any form, including its victims greatest fears. It can also control the weather and creates thunderstorms on several occasions. It can also read minds and trick its prey to come to it. It can also create illusions, fake smells, and sounds to deceive victims further.

14 It Speaks Swedish And English

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The recent films It: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 take Pennywise to a new level. The creature has always been scary, but they found ways to make It even scarier. For instance, Pennywise is sometimes speaking under his breath. It's hard to make it out, but he's speaking Swedish. The actor Bill Skarsgard asked to incorporate his native language into the character.

13 It Has A Creepy Grin

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There are a lot of things that are creepy about Pennywise. His ability to shapeshift, read minds, and control people are all so scary. Of course, nothing compares to his creepy grin. It's such a minor trait, but it makes the creature so much more terrifying. The grin is so scary there's no need for special effects. Indeed, Bill Skarsgard doses a natural frightening smile.

12 It Is Unaffected By Disease

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Pennywise can take any form, but it comes with a weakness. For instance, it gains the weakness of the form it takes. However, it's unaffected by diseases. At one point, it takes the form of a disease to torture young Eddie. It can remain in the disease form as long as it wants and not worry about any weaknesses. Unless It gets a flu shot.

11 It Likes The Taste of Fear

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Pennywise enjoys the taste of fear. Indeed, It enjoys the taste of frightening children. Striking fear intoits victims makes them taste better. It also makes It stronger and more powerful. The taste and smell of fear are all It needs. Once it gets fear, there's no stopping It. It enjoys causing fear as much as eatingits victims.

10 Its Physical Appearance Was Inspired By Ronald McDonald

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Most assume the inspiration for Pennywise comes from a world-famous criminal. Indeed, the fear of clowns came long before It. However, it wasn't a famous killer or criminal that Stephen King took inspiration from. Instead, McDonald's mascot, Ronald McDonald, inspired Pennywise. The makeup and physical appearances share similarities. King also took inspiration from Bozo The Clown and Clarabell.

9 It Is The Eater Of Worlds

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The Losers Club figure out that Pennywise has been in Derry for over 200 years. Indeed, It's been making its way through the world long before that. It reveals its nickname as the Eater of Worlds. That's becausePennywise hasbeen eatingits way through the world and eating all the children. Pennywise has been eating the children of Derry for years until It runs into the Losers Club.

8 It Control Minds

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As noted, It has many superpowers, including shapeshifting and mind reading. However, it does more than just mind-reading. Indeed, It can control the thoughts of victims as well. For instance, he takes control of local bully Henry Bowers. It's able to convince him to behave violently and out of control. It can control the mind of anyone and strike fear into them.

7 It Must Obey The Laws Of The Form It Takes

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Pennywise seems invincible, but It has many weaknesses. It strikes fear in the hearts of kids, but it has fears too. For instance, friendship is one of It's greatest weakness. However, it has one more big flaw. It must obey the laws of the physical form it takes. It still retains supernatural powers but has limitations.

6 It Cannot Survive The Ritual Of Chud

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Defeating Pennywise is no easy task. It hibernates for anywhere from 25 to 30 years. One might think they put an end to Pennywise, but It often returns. In the book, The Losers Club discover a way to defeat Pennywise with the Ritual of Chud. In the ritual, they enter Pennywise's mind, which allows them to injure It in real life.

5 Its Greatest Threat Is The Turtle

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There are many ways to defeat Pennywise, but It seems to always come back. However, there is one creature that terrifies Pennywise. That's because this horrifying creature is the only one that can easily defeat It. Yes, a turtle. The Turtle isn't some ordinary turtle. Indeed, The Turtle appears in Stephen King novels but doesn't appear in It. Pennywise is the eater of worlds, but The Turtle is the creator of universes. King noted that The Turtle is the only one that can defeat Pennywise.

4 It Is Not From Earth And Comes From Another Dimension

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It comes as no surprise that Pennywise is not from Earth. The evil clown isn't just a demon. Indeed, Pennywise is also an alien type being. Stephen King created a "Maroverse," and It comes from a different dimension.It comes from a place called Deadlights, which makes It more terrifying.

3 It Communicates Telepathically

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As noted, Pennywise can read and control minds. It can also communicate telepathically. It doesn't need to attack itsvictims and force them to do his bidding. Indeed, It torments victims psychologically and appears to them in various ways. It plays mind games and confuses its victims.

2 It's Main Weaknesses AreHeart And Courage

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There are many ways to defeat Pennywise, but It always figures a way back. Of course, there are two things that It can't overcome. The two main ways to defeat Pennywise is with heart and courage. Add friendship to the mix and Pennywise is already weakened. Indeed, It retreatswhen the Losers Club comes together with heart and courage to defeat the demon clown.

1 It Is Older Than The Universe

Pennywise: 20 Secrets About The Clown’s Anatomy (20)

As noted, It's gender and age are not known. Indeed, Pennywise is older than the universe. It existed before the Big Bang in a different dimension and ended up on Earth in hibernation. It first awoke in the 18th century and attacked 300 settlers in Derry.

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