Who has the real Slytherin's locket? (2023)

The real Slytherin’s Locket belongs to Lord Voldemort, who retrieved it from Hepzibah Smith during his sixth year at Hogwarts. It was one of a pair of enchanted, magical necklaces created by Salazar Slytherin himself in his attempt to pass down his family’s powers and reputation.

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Voldemort used the Locket to gift part of his soul to Nagini, a powerful and loyal Horcrux. He kept it in a cave on a small island in the middle of the sea, where it sat dormant until it was destroyed by Ron Weasley during the Battle of Hogwarts.

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Who owns the locket of Slytherin?

The locket of Slytherin is an object of great significance in the Wizarding world, and its owner is steeped in mystery. In the Harry Potter books, the locket is referred to as the “most valuable and powerful of the Deathly Hallows” and is sought by Lord Voldemort in his quest for immortality and ultimate power.

While it is not made explicitly clear who owns the locket, it is believed to be in the possession of Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is also believed that Harry Potter later comes into possession of the locket, although this is never confirmed.

It is possible that the locket remains the property of Dumbledore, and he left it to Harry in his will. Ultimately, the true owner of the locket remains a mystery.

How did Regulus Black get the locket?

Regulus Black got the locket when he scoured Borgin and Burke’s for an object suitable for a horcrux. Having found a locket in the mysterious cavern below, he purchased it and returned to the Headquarters of the Death Eaters to perform the dark ritual of transforming the locket into a horcrux.

After being finished, the locket was ensouled by Lord Voldemort’s soul fragment, which meant that it was no longer an ordinary locket but a powerful and dark talisman. Regulus kept the locket within his family manor, safe from the knowledge of others, until he was taken by Voldemort to retrieve the Horcrux.

On this errand, he failed and was subsequently killed. Upon his untimely death, the locket was taken by Kreacher, the Black family house elf, who then followed the orders of his master and whisked the locket away to be placed in the Room of Requirement.

After being entrusted to Kreacher, that is how the locket ended up in the hands of the Dumbledore Army.

Was Slytherin’s locket a Horcrux?

No, the locket which belonged to Salazar Slytherin was not a Horcrux. The locket was said to be an heirloom passed down through the Slytherin family, though its exact origins and where it came from were unknown.

It contained a small portrait of Salazar, which was said to be enchanted so that it would transform in the presence of a true Slytherin descendant. The locket was coveted by Lord Voldemort, who believed it was a powerful magical object.

He believed it to be a Horcrux, but it was eventually revealed to not be a Horcrux at all. It was a powerful heirloom enchanted with powerful protective charms, but not a Horcrux.

Why did Regulus betray Voldemort?

Regulus Black, a former Death Eater, famously betrayed Voldemort when he refused to remain under the Dark Lord’s orders. He had been reluctantly serving Voldemort’s cause but, upon learning of a particularly horrible thing the Dark Lord was attempting to do, he refused to continue his allegiance.

Regulus chose instead to risk his own life to try and stop it, realizing that he could no longer serve a master who advocated such terrible deeds.

It is widely believed that Regulus chose to betray Voldemort when he discovered that the Dark Lord wanted to create multiple Horcruxes in order to become immortal. He had been informed of the plan by a house-elf called Kreacher, who had also informed him of a ritual Voldemort was attempting to perform involving the mystic protective object known as the Horcrux.

Knowing that the Horcruxes were dark magic objects that would create something worse than death, Regulus chose to disobey his master. He tried to make his own impromptu Horcrux-destroying potion to try and stop Voldemort, and wrote a letter containing the facts of his betrayal and left it behind, in the hopes that the truth would be revealed one day.

Regulus’ open defiance of Voldemort and his self-sacrificing decision to preemptively stop the Dark Lord’s actions stands as a testament to his courage and conviction. He may not have saved the world from Voldemort, but the legacy of his heroism lives on and serves as an example of how one brave act can inspire many.

Who sold the locket to Umbridge?

The locket that was eventually sold to Dolores Umbridge was originally owned by Merope Gaunt, mother of Tom Riddle (Voldemort). Merope was forced to wear the locket by her father and it was later stolen by her brother, Morfin, who was then arrested and sent to Azkaban.

In his absence, Merope was able to take the locket and eventually give it to a shop keeper in Diagon Alley. This was the same shop keeper who later sold the locket to Dolores Umbridge.

Did Voldemort know Umbridge have the locket?

No, it does not seem that Voldemort was aware that Umbridge had possession of the locket. Despite Umbridge being a Death Eater and in regular contact with Voldemort’s allies, there is no evidence that he had knowledge of her possessing the locket.

When Voldemort sends his Death Eaters to search for the locket in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, they eventually discover it on Umbridge’s property though it appears that was due to luck and not Voldemort’s will.

Voldemort used the locket to tempt Harry in the cave, implying that he had only recently acquired it. Furthermore, Voldemort ultimately gave control of the locket to Bellatrix to keep safe, further demonstrating that he had not known it was presently in Umbridge’s possession at the time.

Therefore, it is most likely that Voldemort had no idea that Umbridge had the locket.

Who is the owner of the wand shop in Harry Potter?

The wand shop in Harry Potter is called Ollivanders and its owner is Garrick Ollivander. He is an old and wise wandmaker known as the best in the wizarding world and his shop is located in Diagon Alley.

Ollivander is a wand expert who helps each of the main characters – Harry, Ron, and Hermione – choose the wand that would suit them the best. He is usually portrayed as a tall, elderly man with grey hair and a tired, but wise expression on his face.

Ollivander has been making wands since 382 BC and he is able to create wands with finesse unlike any other. His wands are known to be incredibly powerful and they are said to choose their owners rather than the other way around.

He is an important part of the Harry Potter series, not only because he provides the characters with their wand, but also because he provides guidance and wisdom.

Who was Slytherin’s last heir?

The last known heir to the House of Slytherin was Tom Marvolo Riddle, later to become Lord Voldemort. Born in 1926, Voldemort was the only living, direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin and one of the most powerful Dark Wizards that ever existed.

As Slytherin’s last descendant, Voldemort inherited many of Salazar Slytherin’s qualities: ambition, cunning and a pureblooded, elitist mentality. He was said to have been fascinated by his ancestor and had an admiration for his ambition and arrogance.

Despite searching through ancient records and archives, no other direct descendant of Slytherin has been found.

How did Harry know the locket was fake?

Harry knew the locket was fake because during their quest for the locket, he received a vision from Voldemort that the real locket was inside a cave. When they opened the locket they found in Barty Crouch’s house, Harry realized it was a fake because it was empty.

However, further inspection revealed that the locket had a false bottom with the initials ‘T.M. ‘, which revealed that it had been created by Voldemort’s alias, Tom Marvolo Riddle. This helped Harry to definitively conclude that the locket they found was a fake.

Did Umbridge know the locket was a Horcrux?

No, it is unlikely that Umbridge knew the locket was a Horcrux. Although she was aware of the dark powers at work in the wizarding world, and was confident that the locket was an important magical relic, she probably had no idea that it was actually a Horcrux.

Tom Riddle was notorious for hiding his Horcruxes and protecting them from discovery, so it is possible that only he knew the full extent of their power and importance. Even Albus Dumbledore, the most powerful wizard in the world, was unable to identify all of Riddle’s Horcruxes until the end of his life.

Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Umbridge had any knowledge of the locket’s true identity.

Who put the fake locket Horcrux?

Tom Riddle created the fake locket Horcrux as a way to protect one of the pieces of his soul from being discovered. It was created sometime after he created the other five Horcruxes. The fake locket was disguised as a horcrux and put inside the cave at the lake where Dumbledore and Harry later found it.

The locket was basically a fake or a copy of the real Horcrux. It was made in an attempt to fool anyone looking for the real Horcruxes. The fake locket was used as a decoy to throw off any attempts to find and destroy the real Horcruxes.

It was enchanted to emit a powerful dark magic as well, further disguising it. Unfortunately, this charm was not powerful enough to fool Dumbledore, who figured out the locket was counterfeit. It was ultimately destroyed by Dumbledore and Harry, along with the other Horcruxes.

Is Moaning Myrtle a Horcrux?

No, Moaning Myrtle is not a Horcrux. In the Harry Potter novels, Horcruxes are objects that contain pieces of a person’s soul. Horcruxes are created by Dark magic, and are used by Dark Wizards as a way of prolonging their life and/or gaining immortality.

Moaning Myrtle, on the other hand, is a ghost. She does not contain pieces of anyone’s soul, and is not considered a Horcrux. Moaning Myrtle is an inhabitant of Hogwarts castle who died when she was fourteen years old.

She is known to haunt the bathroom on the second floor of the castle and is often seen by Harry and Ron in the first book of the series.

Is Dolores more evil than Voldemort?

It is impossible to definitively say whether Dolores Umbridge or Lord Voldemort are more evil. Both characters are considered to be extremely villainous throughout the Harry Potter series, and it could be argued that neither of them should be viewed as evil.

Dolores is an officious, manipulative person who will do anything to further her own power and ambitions. She is cruel and uncaring towards those she exerts control over, and she will not hesitate to challenge orders if she feels they will benefit her.

Voldemort, on the other hand, is an extremely powerful wizard who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals of global domination. He has committed a wide range of atrocities in pursuit of power, from murdering innocent people and creatures to attempting to decipher the secrets of death itself.

It can be said that Voldemort is more powerful and ruthless than Dolores. However, Dolores still has the potential to do a lot of harm to those around her. In the end, it really depends on how one chooses to judge what constitutes evil.

Did Bellatrix know there was a Horcrux in her vault?

It is unclear whether Bellatrix knew that a Horcrux was inside her vault. It is likely that she was not aware of its presence, as she had no known ties to Voldemort prior to its discovery. However, due to its magical nature, it is possible that she did suspect the presence of something powerful within her vault that she could not access.

Additionally, it is possible that Voldemort had placed other items in her vault that indicated the presence of a Horcrux, including the powerful bezoar that was found inside—which was known to offer powerful protection spells against dark magic.

Ultimately, it is impossible to definitively answer this question, as there is no evidence either way.

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